Banana Sunflower Ashes Casket




Our handcrafted sustainable Banana Leaf cord with rattan Casket is biodegradable, eco-friendly and offers a natural and serene resting place for your loved one.

The banana, believed to have originated from the jungles of Asia, is generally mistaken for a tree, but is actually the world’s largest herb. Their main stem can reach a height of up to 8 metres, though it is not actually formed of wood, but the tightly coiled leaves of the plant. The banana caskets are made using these dried leaves after the tree has produced its fruit and the stem is cut back each year.

Banana Sunflower Ashes Casket includes a double-lined cotton drawstring ashes bag. This bag ensures the secure placement of the ashes within the casket.

Additionally, we offer the option of a laser-engraved nameplate, allowing you to personalise the casket with your loved one’s name.


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