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Natural Burials

If you’re looking for a gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional cemetery, natural burial grounds are a great option. Most of them also have areas designated for ashes burials.

Natural burial options are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to minimize the environmental impact of their funerals. With natural burial, the body is returned back to nature, helping to create a sustainable habitat for local wildlife.

Another reason why people choose natural burial is for the tranquil, unhurried funeral it offers in the scenic and peaceful surroundings of a natural woodland, meadow or nature reserve. This type of setting provides a place where you can visit time and again to quietly reflect.

Arranging a natural burial funeral

We can help you find a peaceful, environmentally friendly resting place. The nature reserve at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground is easily accessible from SW London, Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire and Oakfield Wood at Shamley Green is a beautiful spot for a final farewell.

We can advise you on how to create a natural, meaningful service, ensuring that all aspects of the burial meet the relevant ecological requirements of the chosen site. This includes using a biodegradable coffin or shroud.

Green Natural Coffin


Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground. Set in 31 acres of a mix of meadowland and newly planted trees blending the woodlands and grasslands together. Through considered management of the graves and the wider site, they strive to conserve this valuable mix of habitats year after year.


Another beautiful natural burial site is Woodland Burials at Shamley Green, where their Woodland of remembrance provides a setting that will become a natural woodland in a scheme accredited by the Wildlife Trust.  Both places are run by passionate teams of people who care for the land and want a greener solution to funeral services.

Clandon Park Natural Burial Ground

Natural Funeral Ceremony

Clandon Wood has a pavilion sitting in its meadow where a service can be held. Or you may prefer a simple graveside service. If it is a faith funeral,  we can arrange for the service to be held in a church first.

Our team will work closely with whoever is leading the service to ensure that it is carried out exactly as you would like it to be. We can also set up an Online tribute page which will help you inform family and friends of the funeral details, including location and google maps. The page can also include RSVP, tributes and donation details.

Likely Costs at a glance


  • The lowest cost natural burial, based on Oakfield Wood at Shamley Green, family-led graveside service, with cardboard coffin, family pallbearers, including plot purchase and interment fees, from £3,100
  • Natural burial with use of Ceremonial Hall, based on Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground, celebrant-led service, with wicker coffin, professional pallbearers, including plot purchase and interment fees, from £5,900
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Association of Green Funeral Directors

Surrey Green Burials is a member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors.

This means we adhere to their code of practice – It also means being transparent with pricing details, empowering bereaved families to arrange a funeral that meets their individual needs and allowing them to have as much involvement as they want.