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We offer everything from low-fuss cremations to traditional and natural burial funerals.

All at a significantly lower cost than you may anticipate!

“We are among the most affordable family-owned funeral directors in the Southeast.”

We recognize the challenges faced during this difficult time for you and your loved ones. Our commitment lies in minimizing expenses while upholding exceptional standards.

Our aim is to assist you, simplifying decision-making and providing professional advice and assistance throughout the funeral planning process. We strive to create distinctive and personalized funerals for families residing in Redhill and also South London, Surrey, Hampshire, and West Sussex.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing caring support and expert guidance every step of the way.

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Cremation Funerals

We understand that every cremation funeral is unique. Our team is here to help you plan a meaningful tribute to your loved one, while managing the cost.

Lily of the Valley Direct Cremation

Lily of the Valley Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a straightforward, budget-friendly option, involving cremation without a formal service. It’s ideal for those seeking a simple, dignified farewell, allowing families to remember their loved one in a more meaningful way at a personal venue.

includes crematorium fees
Honeysuckle Funeral Plan - Attended Cremation

Honeysuckle Attended Cremation

An attended cremation allows loved ones to gather for a final farewell. This service includes a meaningful ceremony, offering a chance to honour the family member through personal tributes, readings, and music at the crematorium.


Burial Funerals

Opt for a burial funeral: honouring tradition, cherishing memories, and providing a perpetual place for reflection and remembrance.

Wildflower Meadow Direct Burial

Direct burial offers a straightforward, respectful farewell. It simplifies the process, focusing on a dignified burial without an elaborate ceremony. This choice suits those preferring minimalism or wishing to reduce costs, while still providing a serene resting place with the opportunity for personal, intimate remembrance.


+burial plot fees

Bluebell Woodland Burial Plan

Bluebell Attended Burial

Attended burial, whether in a cemetery or natural burial ground, offers a moment of collective reflection. It allows for a personalised ceremony in serene surroundings, where loved ones can share memories and pay their respects.


+burial plot fees

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