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Green Funeral Directors FAQ’s

Do you do Prepaid Green Funeral Plans?

Yes. We offer a range of green funeral plans. See our Funeral plans page for more details.

Do your Green Funeral Plans have any extra costs?

Unlike many traditional funeral directors, we at Surrey Green Burials are always upfront about all our extra costs which may include the following depending on which funeral plan has been selected:

Cremation doctor certificate for the burial of ashes (£82)
Limousine (£250)
Viewing of a loved one in our peaceful chapel of rest (£145)
Washing and massaging of the body (£145)
Collecting a loved one from their private home(£200)*
Internment of Ashes Service (£200)
*only for direct cremations or burials.

See our Funeral plans page for more details.

Do you charge commission?

No. We work with Golden Leaves, but unlike many traditional funeral directors, we take zero commission and are always upfront about any extra costs.

Why are your prices lower than most traditional funeral directors?

At Surrey Green Burials we take zero commission. We are also a local Dorking business committed to serving Surrey and Sussex, which is why we can keep our costs lower than other funeral directors who have expanded and opened up a chain of funeral homes.

How do you protect my money?

For extra financial protection of prepaid funeral plans, all funds and proceeds are held by Golden Leaves – the independent trustee we work with and will be held in trust until they are needed.

Do we liaise with relevant third parties to help with necessary paperwork?

Yes. We will contact them for you, including doctors, crematoriums, local councils etc, so you will have less to worry about at such a difficult time.

Can I visit my loved one before the funeral – within direct cremation funeral plans?

Yes. There will be an additional fee of £145.

What should I do if a loved one passes away in a nursing home?

Make sure the staff have contacted a doctor first, then contact us.

What should I do if a loved one passes away suddenly or unexpectedly?

Contact the paramedics, emergency doctor or police, as the coroner will need to be involved, then contact us.

If someone passes away overseas, what should I do?

Please contact us and we can help to deal with repatriation.

Who should not attend a funeral during Covid 19?

The latest guidance and updates for funerals and commemorative events held during the coronavirus pandemic can be found on the UK government website – www.gov.uk.

Do you offer a range of coffins to choose from?

We offer a wide range of environmentally-friendly coffins including Willow, Banana, Bamboo, Wicker, Cardboard etc. Take a look at our environmentally Coffins.

Do you sell ashes caskets, ashes urns and scatter tubes?

We offer a wide range of sustainable ashes caskets, scatter tubes and biodegradable for both water and land burials. See our range of ashes urns and scatter tubes.

Do you sell shrouds?

Yes – we offer woollen shrouds. See our range of shrouds.

Do you provide flowers?

Yes – we can provide seasonal, local, organically-grown flowers. See who we work with

Do you use Green Burial Grounds?

Yes – we use a number of different Green Burial Grounds in Surrey and Sussex, including Clandon Wood near Guildford.

Can our funeral be personalized?

Yes – Absolutely! At Surrey Green Funerals we encourage families to involve themselves in the funeral process as much or as little as they wish, and we promote bespoke funerals. Our ethos is to give back some control to families, as this can aid the grieving process.

Can families decorate or personalize the cardboard coffins before a funeral?

We strongly encourage giving families more individual choices during the funeral process. We can deliver our cardboard coffins to your home, and then pick them up after you have personalized them, depending on how far away you live.

Can family members bear the coffin into the crematorium or to the graveside?

Yes. At Surrey Green Burials we encourage families to get more involved with the funeral process and give them more control over decisions. Becoming more involved with the funeral process can often aid the grieving process.

For Direct Cremations, when taking the deceased to the crematorium, can another vehicle be used instead of a traditional hearse?

We strongly encourage giving families more individual choices during the funeral process. We can deliver Yes – as long as the vehicle is suitable for coffins. Our specially-adapted Ford Transit Connect vehicle is available for this purpose.

Can I visit the person who has died in the Chapel of Rest?

Yes. Please contact us at least 2 days before.

Do you carry out embalming?

No. Embalming is very bad for the environment because chemicals such as formaldehyde are major pollutants and will poison the ground.

Do you use plastic linings in your coffins?

No. We use environmentally friendly, sustainable alternatives such as Cotton Shrouds or Wool.

Do you use plastic or metal name plates or handles for natural burials?

No. We use environmentally-friendly, sustainable alternatives such as wood or rope handles.

When attending a funeral, what are the most important things one should consider?

Arrive promptly, be respectful at all times, turn your phone off, or put on silent and dress appropriately.

When you receive the ashes of your loved one, are they mixed with other ashes?

No, never. Each cremation is individual and all ashes are removed before the next cremation.

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