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Surrey Green Burials Products


We are Surrey Green Burials an independent Surrey Funeral Director in Dorking, who believes that everyone has the right to decide how their loved ones’ final journey ends.  Nestled deep in the heart of the Surrey Hills and surrounded by nature, we have a desire to help you create meaningful celebrations of life. We want you to become fully aware of what is truly possible for a unique funeral or memorial which totally reflects the life of the person you care about.

Child Cocoon shroud – A comforting and soft alternative


A beautiful, soft and comforting alternative which can aid the process of grieving at a time of great suffering. The baby or child Cocoon shroud is a gentle container of organic wool felt of a simple construction with a cotton wrap inside. Unlike a wood coffin, these Cocoons can be easily held and cradled, while having enough firm structure to be held safely.  

Pandanus Infant Casket


1’64” £ 132.68
1’9”£ 157.64
3’ 0”£ 165.44

Willow Infant Casket


1’2”£ 117.08
1’6”£ 128.00
2’0’’£ 138.14
3’0’’£ 159.98

Bamboo Infant Casket


1’2’’ £ 96.02
1’8’’£ 99.14
2’0’’£ 102.26