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Oakfield Wood at Shamley Green in Surrey

Natural Woodlands Burial Shamley Green Surrey

A True Place of Rest

No matter what season it is, the woodlands at Shamley Green are always beautiful. In the spring, the leaves are a vibrant green and the flowers are in bloom. In the summer, the trees provide cool, dappled shade. In autumn, the leaves are a stunning blaze of colours. And in winter, the bare branches create fascinating patterns. The woods are also home to a diverse array of wildlife, making it a friendly environment for all.

The establishment of an area of beauty and woodland landscape where those left behind will want to visit and spend time to ponder and remember for centuries to come is at the heart of the Shamley Green Woodland Burial Site.

Natural Woodlands Burial Shamley Green Surrey

Woodlands Burial at Shamley Green was intended to serve as both a burial site and a tree and nature preserve. They intend to leave a lasting legacy for future generations through careful maintenance, with a native broadleaf tree planted for each burial or ashes interment.

Natural Woodlands Burial Shamley Green Surrey

The Woodlands of Remembrance are a wonderful way to bring new life to the environment after a death. Planting broadleaf trees can help improve the atmosphere, provide habitat for wildlife and insects, and create more undisturbed land for rapidly disappearing flora and fauna.

Natural Woodlands Burial Shamley Green Surrey

A beautifully engraved hardwood plaque is the perfect way to commemorate a loved one. This plaque will last for many years and can be replaced when it eventually biodegrades.

Natural Woodlands Burial Shamley Green Surrey


Woodland Burials
Oakfield Wood
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Shamley Green

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